Small Groups

What is a small group?

Small groups are gatherings of 8-12 people from High Street Community Church that meet regularly for community, Bible study, and prayer. In each small group you will find a safe and encouraging place to share what you are learning and to ask questions. Small groups start meeting in April, and run up to Summer.

Every group is unique because it is shaped by the people who attend. At the heart of our groups is the desire to see an authentic and tight knit community form that is marked by a growing love for Jesus and for the others in the group.


Why should I join a small group?

You should join a small group because you – like all people – are made for community and friendship with God and with other people. We believe that when we do not have close relationships and community with others, we cannot live up to all that we were made to be. Small groups are a great avenue to offer and receive support through the ups and downs of life.